Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Christmas Letter

One of my favorite family traditions is writing the Wagner Christmas letter, I love letting all my friends and family know that my kids are better than theirs. So here is our letter, Merry Christmas.

One of the blessings this time of year is the chance to connect with our family and friends and reflect on the past year. We are grateful for all the experiences we had in 2010.

Marcus is seven and in the first grade. He is living a double life at the moment. He is a delightful, eager student by day and a pesky , little brother by night. His brothers deny any role in teaching him his annoying antics and are the picture of patience with him. Marcus loves reading, math, art, and soccer. In February, he started piano lessons and is the only person in the family who can play our piano. He especially likes to play while we are on the phone or trying to sleep.

Travis is eleven and in the fifth grade. When he is not skulking around the house dressed in camouflage with his Nerf guns, he can be found playing with his huge collection of Legos. He is looking forward to attending middle school next Fall because he is sick of wearing uniforms and likes older girls. He enjoys math and science and is happy to have the same teacher he had last year. In November, he earned his "Arrow of Light" in Cub Scouts and is now an 11-year old Boy Scout. He played two seasons of soccer this year and could be seen running around on the fields in his day-glow, green cleats.

Nathan turned 15 and started High School. So far, he is having a much better experience in high school than his parents did. His favorite classes are JROTC and band. Every day he brags about how awesome he was in JROTC, how many push-ups he did, and how fast he ran. He also started attending Seminary, an early morning church class for high school students. His parents appreciate that he wakes himself up every morning at 5:00, even though he doesn't like to. He is a Life Scout and should be thinking about his Eagle project, but that is very hard to do when his phone is constantly buzzing with text messages.

Diane is ecstatic to have all the boys in school ALL day, but the time goes by so fast. Some of the highlights of Diane's year include: Attending a doll convention in Philadelphia, talking Bert out of his "Man Cave" so she could finally have a sewing room, and expanding her online business. She joined a gym for the first time ever, and works out early in the morning while Nathan attends Seminary. She was recently called as the Primary Secretary at church and is still very involved in Cub Scouts.

Bert will be finishing his time as the Commanding Officer of VR-61 in February. The Navy took him many places including a recent trip to Chile. Bert was selected to command another Reserve unit at Whidbey Island. He continues to fly with Alaska Airlines and has been flying to Hawaii quite a bit. The rest of the family is jealous, and are trying to talk him into taking us there soon.

We enjoyed a short trip to Juneau, Alaska this Summer. It was something that Diane had wanted to do for years since her family left there when she was 12 years old. We saw a glacier, a glory hole, took a tram ride up a mountain, watched spawning
salmon and ate salmon berries. The trip meant a lot to Diane.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Love the Wagners

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