Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet Mr. December

I love I love I love my calendar boy!

Every year the school district makes a calendar with a specific theme. One year it was music, one year it was art and this year it is technology in the classroom. I always go through the calendar and look for pictures of kids I know. I almost missed this picture. I freaked out when I realized it was a big picture of my Travis. Isn't he cute!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

This blog is about the super, awesome, 4-day weekend the Wagners had. Two Wagner boys made it a 5-day weekend because yesterday they were home from school sick.

The boys and I celebrated Thanksgiving at my brother David's house. Bert was flying for Alaska Airlines (so sad!)and spent Thanksgiving in Southern California, David and Stacie had a full house, the food was wonderful, and I didn't take any pictures.

"Black Friday" (I hate that name!) was spent decorating the house for Christmas. The most exciting thing was our brand-new, pre-lit Christmas tree. It is awesome! I have been wanting a new, fake tree for years and every year I would tell myself "I am going to buy a new tree after Christmas when they are on sale and save a bunch of money" but every year I forget to go out and buy a new tree so this year I just bought one before Christmas and paid full price for it. Nathan and I set it up in a few minutes and we shaped the branches a little, and presto! It is up.

Travis got stuck behind the tree.

It is against every moral fiber of my being to go shopping on "Black Friday". I am especially annoyed that many stores were open on Thanksgiving for shopping this year. That is why I was very unhappy when I remembered Travis needed to buy a birthday gift for a friend's party on Saturday. We waited until Friday evening to go to Walmart to buy the gift. By then the store was back to normal and I didn't feel so bad about breaking one of my rules. The only bad thing that happened was I got pulled over by a police officer because I forgot to turn my car lights on. I felt so stupid! The police officer was very nice and didn't even give me a ticket.

The highlight of the weekend was seeing the Nutcracker in Seattle. Four years ago, Bert and I took Nathan to see the Nutcracker when he was 10. Now that Travis is 10 it was his turn to go. The ballet was wonderful of course. Travis wasn't as impressed, but he enjoyed spending some alone time with his mom and dad. I asked him where he wanted to eat after the show was over. McDonald's was his answer. A real classy way to end the night!

On the way home Travis shared his Christmas wish list with us. He still believes in Santa by the way. He wants 3 different Nerf guns, new camouflage pants (his other ones became shorts after his first paintball experience), a camouflage necktie, camouflage underwear, an army helmet with netting, and a package of bacon.

I am still cracking up about the bacon.