Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things I Might Have Done This Month

My SIL might have had a bug land on her head during our family's 4th of July picnic. She might have asked me to get it off her head and I might have accidentally knocked it into her decolletage causing her to freak out and flash our relations while trying to get it out of her shirt.

I might have had a Cub Scout hangover two weeks ago after working at twilight camp all week and two Saturdays of Scout training.

I might have bought a doll or two.

I might be letting my kids stay up really late every night and sleep in every morning.

I might have planned on picking raspberries this morning, but went I got home from berry picking, by bowls were full of blueberries.

I might be making my kids make their own lunches every day.

I might go take a shower now.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Double Bluff Beach

Tuesday afternoon I took Travis and Marcus to our favorite beach on the island. Nathan was camping with friends and having his own fun. We went with my SIL, Stacie and her kids and friends.

Double Bluff is one of the best beaches I have been to on the Puget Sound. It is mostly sand, not barnacles covered rocks. The water is very shallow, the kids were able to walk out quite far and the water was only to their chests. I also like it because I can see the bottom ( I have a little phobia about natural water). When the tide comes in it makes little islands and peninsulas on the beach.

You can even see Seattle in the way distance!

This is a picture of my 3rd ever pedicure. I am so fancy! I was a good girl with the hat and sunscreen. I only got burned a little on my leg. I guess I missed a spot.

Yeah, we need to go back again before summer is over. I wonder if I will be able to find my little gardening trowels that the kids forgot in the sand and then they got covered by the tide?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Life is a Bowl of Cherries

Enjoying our bumper crop from our back yard.

Life is good right now as long as I don't eat too many of these beauties in one day.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

For a Good Laugh

If you want to have a good laugh go here.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Girls Allowed!

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I absolutely love going camping. I love everything about it; sleeping on the hard ground, no showers, finding dirt everywhere, I just love it. I have never demanded that my husband take me home ever when we wake up to rain while camping.

This is why my heart was broken when a friend of ours invited my husband and boys to go backpack camping with him and his boys, no moms/girls allowed! The boys were so excited to go and do what boys do best; play with fire and go to the bathroom outside.

I begged the guys to take me along, I cried, I may have even chased after the minivan as they drove away.

Then I cleaned up the mess they had left in the living room, started a load of laundry, watered the front yard and didn't do the dishes. The rest of the day was mine! I entertained the idea of driving off the island to go shopping, but all I really wanted to do was sew without guilt, mess around on the computer and watch TV. The day went way too fast.

Yesterday I was feeling a little bit more social, so I went out to lunch with my friend Linda, the other abandoned mom, bought strawberries and talked her head off.

The boys came home last evening, tired and smelling like campfire. I let them feel guilty for leaving me out of their fun some more and found out the details of their adventure.

Marcus starved the whole time because he refused to eat the food Bert had packed. He told his dad "Next time you need to bring more food like, candy, cookies, marshmallows, and toast!" Bert doesn't know if there will be a next time for Marcus.

Nathan has counted 30 different mosquito bites all over his body. They bit him through his clothes!

Travis learned what not to do while playing on the bank of a river. He fell in and was in water over his head. Bert had to jump in and save him. When Bert got home he signed off Travis' water safety requirements in his Cub Scout Bear book. There is nothing like learning something the hard way.

Bert learned that he needs to pack more dry clothes for everyone.

Now who had the most fun?

Seriously now, I am so thankful that everyone is OK. Travis didn't want me to find out about his "swim" in the river because he thought I would freak out. Me? Freak? Out? I am only freaking out on the inside right now.