Friday, February 20, 2009

I Have Been Waiting a Long Time For This.

This is the most exciting thing ever! It may have already happened to you, but it just happened to me a few days ago. If you are still waiting for it to happen where you live, it will come, just have patience.

Here it is. I don't need to say more.




Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Darth Mom

I wish I could have named my blog "Darth Mom". It would have been the perfect title for my super-awesome blog. But someone else beat me to the punch, so sad.

I don't know when it exactly started, but a few years ago my kids started calling me "Darth Mom". I think it fits most of the time. For example, when I am driving my kids around in my rolling garbage can minivan and they are making too much noise I just yell "You're bringing out the Darth in me!" and they stop talking, yelling, screaming or whatever it is they are doing for a few minutes. Of course they are laughing at me, but sometimes the boys bring out my evil side.

Here is what a Darth Mom looks like. Please don't mock my photo editing skills, my ego is fragile and it was my first time changing my face and I don't have the super cool editing software like photoshop or anything and I think my new face makes me look thinner though.

If you are a "Darth Mom" too leave me a comment. Us "Darth Moms" need to stick together.

Travis just asked me where my light saber is.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I want to share with you a list of all the things I totally did didn't do in the last month or so. Enjoy, and then join in with some of your own.

I didn't send my in-laws' Christmas gifts about three weeks after Christmas. I am more organized and thoughtful than that.

I didn't secretly throw away all my boys' junky happy meal toys while I was cleaning their room.

I don't make my youngest chicken nuggets for lunch every day, because that can't be nutritious.

I don't have a stash of Girl Scout Samoas cookies in my bedroom from last year.

I am not wishing our one and only goldfish in our big fish tank would die so I can get rid of all of it.

I did not get my two big plastic tubs of Barbies out of storage and let my two youngest sons play with them because boys aren't suppose to play with dolls. They didn't beg to do it and they hated every single minute playing with them.

I did not bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies and substitute beans for the butter. How gross is that? And my boys did not come back for seconds even though they knew there were beans in them.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"My Mouth Tastes Like Ham"

I haven't blogged much about my boys lately. The last kid-themed post caused my teenagery, 13-year-old to freak out because I put a picture of his blankie on my blog. Oh the humiliation! It's not like he was even in the picture. He did read the post later and got a kick out of it.

This post is about Marcus, my five year old. I want to share a few of Marcus' blog-worthy events that have happened since Christmas. I don't think he will mind, he can't read well yet and he loves attention.


Marcus' preschool Nativity performance was canceled due to snow. I was so bummed, because I really wanted to see him play Joseph. Imagine my delight when I was told the kids would have their Christmas party in January. Of course Marcus was so cute and did a great job as Joseph. I was so proud. I also recorded his performance, but I can't get it to up/down (whatever) load onto my blog so here is a picture of him. He is in the plaid.


Marcus really likes girls. It's funny, because Nathan and Travis didn't like girls at all at the same age. When Nathan was five, he informed me that he was "through playing with girls". Marcus especially loves a little girl in his preschool class. We shall call her "K". K is the angel in the last picture.

Me- "Who do you like at school?"

Marcus "K, she has beautiful hair. She's hot."

Me-(trying to keep a straight face) "Four-year-olds aren't hot, she's cute."

Marcus- "Mom, K is five, she's hot."


Marcus- "Mom, I want to call my girlfriends on the phone."

Me- "What are you going so say to them?"

Marcus-"Nice things, I liked K's shirt today."

I told K's mom that Marcus was in love with her daughter, I didn't tell her that he thought she was hot though. I don't know what she would have thought of that.


Marcus came home from school the other day and told me that he had had lemons for snack at preschool. Really? Lemons? He kept going on and on about how good they were. Seriously? When I told him he had to take snack to school next week. He said, "Oh Mom! I want to take lemons!" Lemons?"

Last night at dinner he was talking about how good lemons were again so I asked him if he wanted one. He was so excited! I cut him a small piece of lemon and he put it in his mouth. Oh for a camera! It would have made a great you-tube video. The face he made was so funny. "I don't like lemons anymore!"


Marcus gives the most interesting prayers. For example, during the dinner prayer he will tell Heavenly Father what we are eating for dinner and then proceed to count how many chicken nuggets, beans or whatever is on his plate. Another thing he likes to pray about is the whole lesson he learned in Primary that week, or about how Travis needs to pick up his room. It is hard to not laugh during the dinner prayers.

Quote of the month-"I don't like this ham, it makes my mouth taste like ham."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Tag

Suzanne tagged me. I hope I can remember that long ago.

1- Where were you when you first found out you were pregnant? Nathan- our first apartment in Burlington, WA, Travis- Hanford, CA, and Marcus- Port Orchard, WA

2- Who was with you? I think I took the tests by myself and then told Bert.

3- How did you find out that you were pregnant? HPT with all 3 kids

4- What was your first reaction to finding out you were pregnant? I was happy, and not surprised.

5- Your Husbands reaction? He felt very happy and manly.

6- Who was the first person you told? Bert for all them.

7-Did you plan to get pregnant? They were all planned, Nathan happened faster than expected, Travis took longer than expected and with Marcus the timing was perfect.

8-Was everybody happy for you? They all said they were.

9- Did you go out and celebrate? I don't remember, probably out to eat.

10- Did you want to find out the sex? Yes, but we didn't find out with Nathan.

11- What was the sex? Boy, Boy, Boy, Bert is very manly.

12-Did anyone throw you a baby shower? Yes.

13- If yes, who? Corrine for Nathan, and Amy and Kim for Marcus.

14- Did you get any outfits at the baby shower that you just knew you weren't going to put on your baby? No

15- How much weight did you gain? 50 pounds with Nathan and about 30 pounds with the other two. I was so fat.

16- Did you loose all of the weight that you gained? No!

17- Did you get a lot of stretch marks? Yes! And big, huge breasts!

18- What did you crave the most? Nate-food, Travis- tomatoes and pickled red cabbage, Marcus- Dairy Queen dipped cones.

19- Did you crave anything crazy? Not really.

20- Who or what got on your nerves the most? People asking me if I was having twins because I was so fat.

21- Were you married at the time? All 3 times!! And to the same man!

22- Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? Nathan had fetal stress, and Travis and Marcus were both premature.

23- Where were you when you went into labor? Nathan- I didn't go into labor, I had a c-section. Travis- home and Marcus- home.

24- Did your water break? I had no water with Nathan, but my water broke early with both Travis and Marcus.

25- was lost somewhere in the blogosphere.

26- Did you go early or late? Nathan- a few days late, Travis- 6 weeks early and Marcus 4 weeks early.

27- Who was in the room with you when you gave birth? Nathan- Bert the doctor and nurses, Travis- Bert missed the birth because he was driving to the hospital, Marcus- Bert.

28- Was it video taped? Not the actual birth.

29- Did you have any drugs for the pain? Yes.

30-Did you go vaginal or have a c-section? C-sections, all of them.

31- What was your first reaction after giving birth? Nathan- shocked that I had had a c-section, but so happy to hear him cry, I felt grateful, and happy, and love with all their births.

32- How big was the baby(s)? Nathan was 7 pounds 15 ounces, Travis -5 pounds even, and Marcus-7 pounds 8 ounces.

33- Did your Husband cry? I don't think so.

34- What did you name the baby(s)? Nathan William, Travis Brent, and Marcus Ryan

35-Did the name have any significance to you? Nathan's middle name is my FIL's name and Bert's middle name. Travis' middle name is my father's middle name, and Marcus has a name of his own.

36-Does the baby's name fit? We should have named Nathan- Lucas, then I could have mixed up their name even more.

37- Did the baby(s) have any complications? Travis had breathing problems and a lung infection. He stayed in the hospital for a few days after I went home. Marcus was a little jaundiced.

38- How old are your babies today? 13, 9, and 5.

39- When is the next one(s) coming? As a grandchild!

40- If you could would you do it all over again? Of course.

I tag whomever wants to talk about their pregnancies.