Tuesday, August 17, 2010

May Memories

Here is a multiple choice test for you, the answer will be at the end of the post if I remember to write it.

Why is Diane so behind on her blog?

A) Her life is so glamorous and awesome that she just doesn't have the time to blog anymore.

B) Her life is too boring to blog about.

C) She has had internet and computer problems for like forever and couldn't blog even if she had had the time to.

D) A and C

E) All of the above

The month of May was a long time ago, but I was able to rely on my incredible memory and many pictures to put this post together.

Bert and I celebrated our 16th anniversary. Bert gave me flowers, I don't remember what I gave him, but that doesn't mean I didn't give him anything! What kind of wife would that make me? I'm sure I gave him something.

It rained A LOT. Marcus and Jake had so much water in their boots from splashing in the puddles.

Nathan and Bert threw axes at a Scout Camporee.

We visited the state capitol in Olympia.

Travis was asked to play "Old McDonald Had a Farm" on an antique, imported piano from Germany. His piano teacher should be proud.

After we visited the capitol, we went to The Great Wolf Lodge. We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. It was a blast.

On the way home from The Great Wolf Lodge, we went shopping at a huge Cabelas. Now that is my kind of store!

We made it back to Oak Harbor just in time for Marcus and Travis' school concerts.

Those are all kindergartners! They performed "Stone Soup". Of course, Marcus was the cutest kid there and sang the best.

Travis was a crabby crab, and was the cutest kid in his concert too.

After the concerts, we checked out all the beautiful artwork in the lunchroom.

Marcus found three of his masterpieces on display. Travis didn't find any.

At the end of May, we attended a Cub Scout dessert auction. We bought this beauty and used it for Bert's birthday cake. It was the awesomest birthday cake ever.

Happy Birthday Bert!

*Answer to quiz (D) What did you think I was going to say, B?