Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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Soccer and Cross-Country Pictures

San Diego Part III

Legoland Day 2

After a crazy night, the Wagners (including Nathan) were still excited about another day at Legoland. We decided to take it easy this day and make sure we didn't over-do it.

We arrived at Legoland at about 10:15 in the morning. Pulling into the parking lot was a surreal experience. Hardly anyone was there! It was like the scene in "National Lampoon's Vacation" when the family finally gets to Wallyworld and the park was closed. We started wondering if Legoland was closed for the day, but we had paid for parking already, so it must be open.

Cool! We thought, we will have the park almost to ourselves! How fun will that be! We walked up to the front gate, and they were closed. We were so confused. All the signs said the park opened at 10:00, and it was after 10:00.

That is when we realized that it had been daylight savings the night before. Everyone had turned their clocks back an hour except us and a few other weird families from Arizona who have never heard of daylight savings time.

OK, here are pictures of the very, best, awesomest, coolest, part of Legoland. Miniland!


Washington DC

President Obama's Inauguration

Check out the trick or treaters!

Southern California

San Fransisco (my favorite part)

Las Vegas

New Orleans

New York City

Other cool stuff we saw on our boat ride

The rest of the day

By the end of the day, Nathan was done in, so we went back to the Navy Lodge. After a rough night, Bert and I both came to the same decision, we needed to go home early. We were really bummed that we wouldn't be able to go to Sea World, but we hope to get back down to San Diego some day soon.

It has been over two weeks now since Nathan got sick, and no one else came down with the flu that Nathan had. Isn't that wierd?