Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bert's Change of Command

This event is so last month, but it was a very important occasion for the Wagner family. My only excuse for not blogging about it earlier is that every time I sit down at the computer lately, I find myself playing "Settlers of Catan".

I got the boys out of school to see their father's last flight. Of course they were excited!

The Last Flight Ceremony, It is a tradition to have the fire department make a water arch for the out-going Skipper's to taxi through.

Some of Bert's squadron waiting for him to disembark the plane so they could..........

.......dump water on him.

Bert is soaking-wet and freezing in these pictures.

Back in Bert's office, we waited while he made his rounds in the squadron.

Friday night was the change of command dinner at the Oak Harbor Yacht Club. We watched a funny video that a bunch of the people in his squadron made. In the movie, Bert was "Darth Wagner" the shortest guy in the squadron, dressed up as "Darth Wagner" and stormed around the squadron, he even used the "Force" to move jets. It was hilarious, Bert is such a big "Star Wars" fan, so he loved it. In the end, Nathan was filmed waking Bert up from a dream so they could watch "Star Wars" together. Then we watched Bert's slide show of his childhood, Navy career, and family life. Of course, I loved it.

Bert received several gifts from the people in his squadron. One was a RC airplane kit.

Early Saturday afternoon, we gathered for a pre-change of command reception. Nathan wanted to wear his JROTC uniform to the event.

Bert's gifts

The Piping Aboard Ceremony

Bert issuing orders to the incoming executive officer.

There may have been some drama before this picture was taken. Someone in the family might of thrown a tantrum. I'm not naming names, but she is sorry that she did it, and wishes that she had been in her right mind so she would have thought of moving Travis and Marcus over just a little so her waist did not look so wide.

Bert and his mother, Margaret

After the Change of Command, we went to the Officer's Club for a reception. We were so happy that many of our family and friends were there to share this special day with us.

Bert is now the commanding officer of a small unit on base, don't ask me what he is doing, because I haven't figured that out yet. It is nice to have him home more.