Friday, May 28, 2010

April Awesomeness

I know, I know, it is almost the end of May and I still haven't blogged about April! In my defense, I tried to do a few weeks ago, but I couldn't upload the pictures that day and then I forgot.

The boys started playing Spring sports.

Travis and Nathan played soccer.

Marcus played T-ball and after every game he had to tell me what an awesome player he is.

Bert's squadron participated in "Time and Talent" at the Officer's Club on base. VR-61 chose Germany as our country.

The whole Wagner family was in the Holland Happenings parade this year. Travis and I walked with the Island District BSA.

Nathan's band played ACDC's "Back in Black".

Marcus and Bert walked with the Little League.

I was trying to catch up on my yard work. One of my first intended projects was to plant this rhododendron that I bought last year.

I picked up the plant and this is what I found, three Junco eggs! We had Juncos nesting in a hanging flower pot last Summer. They like to nest on the ground most of the time. I carefully put the pot back where I found it.

Only two of the eggs hatched.

A week or so later they looked like this. They were gone soon after I took this picture. I still need to plant that Rhoddy!