Thursday, June 11, 2009

10 More Things About Me That Prove How Unique I Am.

I should be doing laundry and yard work right now, but whatever. It will still be there when I get to it. I have fallen behind on my list, so here are 10 more things about me, me, me, me.

31. I love 3-ring binders, page protectors, sharpy pencils, and index cards.

32. I think housework is a waste of time!

33. I hate conflict, so I can be passive-aggressive.

34. I've had lasic surgery, and I love it.

35. I've never broken a bone (knock on wood!).

36. I've been married to a wonderful man for 15 years.

37. I can only fall asleep on my right side.

38. I only like milk chocolate.

39. I attended 4 grade schools, 2 junior/middle schools, 1 high school, 1 college, and 1 university.

40. I have a thing for men in uniform. It's a good thing my husband wears a lot of uniforms.


Kristina P. said...

I think housework is a waste of time too!

Sara said...

You're so funny. : ) --I didn't know you had lasik! --Was is scary??