Saturday, August 22, 2009

100th Post!

Wow weee! I posted on this blog 100 times! Of course every post was a dignified and thought provoking snapshot into my glamorous life on the island.

I am behind on my blogging again. The first two weeks of August were very busy for Nathan. He was worn out by the end! He went on Trek, and the next week he went to Scout camp.


Nathan was two days shy of being too young to go on trek, I am so glad he was able to go. I was able to find his pioneer clothes at the local thrift shop for about $25.00 total. He looked so cute!

Before Trek

During Trek

After Trek

He survived! Nathan had a great time. He said it was hard, but he learned a lot and appreciates his pioneers ancestors even more now.


Nerell said...

What amazing pictures and memories to last a lifetime. I have goose bumps...

Suzanne said...

That is so neat that he got to go! I went with the YW one year and we got rained on had to be "rescued" that night because we were suffering early stages of hypothermia! I'll never forget it! I think it's a great way for anyone to appreciate what they went through! HURRAH FOR NATHAN!