Monday, November 9, 2009

San Diego Part II


The Wagners give Legoland ten big thumbs up. We highly recommend it to families with school-aged children who love Legos. We were a little worried that Nathan would find Legoland too "juvenile" for his sophisticated, teenagery sensibilities, but he really liked it too.

I really regret not putting lipstick on that morning.

We were very happy that the park was not very crowded. I hate crowded amusement parks. There were hardly any lines at the rides and we were able to see almost everything in one day. The weather was comfortable, not too hot, but warm enough that the boys enjoyed the water part of the park.

Nathan and Travis loved building and programing a working robot.

Since it was Halloween, there were a lot of children in their costumes, which was fun. Our boys didn't dress in their costumes until after they got wet. "Brick or Treat" started at 5:00.

We didn't have a lot of room in our suitcases for costumes, so we made do. Travis was an "Army Guy", Marcus was a Ninja, and Nathan was "Stuntman", though we are not in the picture, Bert was dressed as an off-duty taxi driver and I was a soccer mom. We looked awesome.

Everything was going great, and then it happened. Dum, dum, dum! The flu. About 6:00 that night, Nathan sat down next to me and said. "Mom, I don't feel good." I felt his head and he was hot. He said he felt like he had been hit by a train. We left Legoland not long after. On the way back to our hotel, I decided we needed to stop at a drugstore to pick up some medicine. Not long after that Bert realized we weren't on I-5 anymore driving south to San Diego, we were still going south but on another freeway. By the time we realized where we were, we were minutes from Mexico! We exited as soon as we could, found a store, bought a whole bunch of medicine, and found our way back to our hotel. That is how we spent our Halloween.


Suzanne said...

If you would've crossed the border, the meds would have been a lot cheaper! :) Legoland looks fun. We've never owned Legos..but this year we got our first request for them for Santa!

Sara said...

It looks like you had such a great time there minus the flu and almost-trip to Mexico!!