Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Graduate

This morning marked the end of an era, no more preschoolers for the Wagner Family.

Marcus graduated from Oak Harbor Christian School this morning with honors. Of course he was the cutest kid in his class. He sang the best, and knew all his lines. Bert and I were so proud. I just hope I was the only one who noticed he kept grabbing himself a lot. Probably not, since he was in the front row and everything.

We had a good and a bad thing happen during his graduation.

The bad thing was our camera wasn't working, so sad! As a scrapbook-freak mom that was a real bummer.

The good thing makes everything all right. When his teacher announced that Marcus wants to be a "Guy who washes cars at a car wash" when he grows up Bert and I gave each other high 5's. We are going to save a lot of money on college tuition.

Congratulations Marcus! We love you.


Erin said...

That is hilarious! What lucky parents you are.

Kristina P. said...

I wish you had taken a picture of that!

Congrats to Marcus!

Suzanne said...

Your 'guy that washes cars' can play with my guy that wants to be a 'garbage truck driver!' Glad I'm not the only one saving money during this slump! :) Congrats on no more pre-schoolers~!~

Linda said...

So did you cry?

Nerell said...

Very cute! No more preschoolers for us either

Sara said...

!!! LOL!!!! You are so funny,
Diane. : ) Congrats to Marcus!! --I can just see you and Bert high-fiving each other!!! : ) --I'm still laughing!!! : )