Tuesday, May 19, 2009

North Whidbey Soccer Academy Hostage

I love it when someone gives me pictures that I didn't know existed. They are wonderful gifts. Unless they are pictures of me eating, talking, frowning, or of my big bottom or stomach. Those kind of pictures I don't like. But pictures of my kids, I love.

This picture was taken Fall of 2007, by a fellow soccer mom. I just received it earlier this year. It really captures what Nathan and Travis were doing every Saturday from September through November. Nathan was on the Academy team and Travis was "A North Whidbey Soccer Academy Hostage". That means he was stuck going to all Nathan's games. He made the best of it by playing with all the other "Hostages" (younger brothers and sisters). He also always made sure he was in the line-up at the end of the game with his brother's team.

Nathan is the second boy in the light blue shirt (#4), and Travis is the little brother in purple. Can you see why I love this photo?


Kristina P. said...

What a sweet picture, Diane!`

Sara said...

AWWW!! It's such a sweet picture!! What a cheeful hostage!! : )