Monday, September 21, 2009

The Logic of an Almost 10-Year-Old

Yesterday, Travis said something really funny during Church. I thought about writing it down for blackmail later use, but I was too lazy. I was positive I would remember it forever, so I put my trust in my awesome memory and totally forgot the really funny thing he said.

Fortunately for Travis, I did write down a couple of conversations that we had a few weeks ago during church. What is it about church that brings out the funny in Travis?

The back story on the first funny- Travis had to change schools a couple of years ago from Hillcrest to Oak Harbor Elementary. He still complains about it sometimes and remembers Hillcrest through rose colored glasses.

Travis "Remember when "So n so" knocked my tooth out in first grade?"

Me "See! Hillcrest had bullies too!"

Travis "Yeah, but they were nice bullies!"


Travis "Did you have a good childhood growing up?"

Me "Sure, most of the time. How is yours going?"

Travis "It's good, except for taxes."

1 comment:

Kristina said...

Nice bullies, huh?
Taxes are a problem for an (almost) 10-year-old? Boy, we are all in trouble.
Loved your post. Thanks for the laugh.