Sunday, September 6, 2009

What's Been on My Mind and Other Stuff

I was a really bad Mom today. I made my boys cry by making them watch this. Well Marcus didn't cry, but the other two did. I remember listening to this song a lot has a kid.

How do my three sons to through so many pairs of socks in a week, and why do they keep wearing them outside, and why can they always be found on the floor in dirty little "sock balls"?

I have never met anyone who has lived in Delaware. I think that is the only state I can say that about.

I need to go pick me some blackberries soon.

I need a new freezer for all my berries.

My kids don't like berry pies, WEIRD!

School starts this Thursday, that is very late.

One good thing (IMHO) about school starting so late this year is the boys won't have to watch this.

Picking out a good watermelon still eludes me, but sometimes I get lucky.

I ate the last peach yesterday.


Kristina said...

I understand everything you said. My mom cries when I even mention that song. My dad doesn't like strawberries (weird). My kids socks always end up inside out. But I had a mission companion from Delaware. Preschool starts this week. Yippee.

Steve said...

I will be nice to you and allow you to give me any of the berry pies you make... I know it will be such a imposition on my part to take these off your hands... But what is a brother to do.