Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fantastic February

I was going to blog about January, but I can't remember much about it already. Though I'm sure it was awesome and glamorous.

February was an eventful month for the Wagner boys.


-Got contacts and loves them

-Became a Life Scout and received the "On My Honor" Award

-Made the honor role

-Received his Patriarchal Blessing


-Played volleyball at school

-Was awarded 3rd place in the science fair

-Decided he likes girls


-Lost his upper front tooth

We got a piano.


Steve said...

But you dont know how to play the piano.

Joel said...

Is Bishop Johnson the Patriarch now?

Diane said...

Yes he is Joel. He is wonderful.

Joel said...

That's wonderful news! I've always thought he was a spiritual giant. Congrats to Nathan for getting his blessing and all the family for the great achievements.