Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Reason Not to Be Jealous of Me

Just in case my many readers have come to the conclusion through my blog that my life is almost perfect, I wear my new leopard shoes everywhere, my kids' socks are always right-side out when they take them off, my car heater always works, I never yell at my boys, I only eat healthy food, and I love to exercises, I feel the need to get real with everyone.

We may have had a small fruit fly problem last week. At first I only noticed a few flying around, not a big deal, I thought. Then they started to really bug us. I usually leave my fruit out on the kitchen counter because I have uber sensitive teeth and eating cold fruit just about kills me. I inspected all the fruit, threw away the ripe bananas and put everything else in the fridge.

That is when the obsession started. I googled how to get rid of fruit flies, and found many different remedies. I tried apple cider vinegar in a bowl, all that did was stink up the house. I put a piece of banana in a mason jar, covered it with plastic wrap and poked a few holes in the wrap. The flies were not interested. There were also many ideas on how to trap the flies so you can release them outside. What? Who does that? My pest policy is this; if any uninvited bug, spider, animal, or child dares to come into my house, they are at my mercy. The best idea was vacuuming up the vermin.

Thursday, I sucked up a lot of them, it was fun!

Friday I started counting, 160! My kids started wondering about me. I told them, "There is nothing wrong with me! I am perfectly, wait!" as I whiped the wand out of my Dyson and turned it on, "55! 56! 57! 58! 59! 60!" I am perfectly normal!" I yelled over the sound of the vacuum. "61! 62! 63!" After I turned it off, I gave them permission to suck up as many flies as they wanted, as long as they kept count.

Saturday I only sucked up about 30, I was strangely disappointed.

Sunday I sucked up only about 20 (so sad!) and found what I think/hope was the main source of the problem, so gross!

I learned a few things during this adventure;

- Vacuuming up fruit flies is therapeutic and very normal.

- It is a good idea to just leave your vacuum in the middle of your kitchen plugged in and ready to go.

- Fruit flies like potatoes too, that's right, they like potatoes, not just fruit.

- The battle isn't over yet!

So now you don't have to be jealous of my almost perfect life, even though I have a Dyson.


d.c.r.k.soptich said...

this is too funny. I had a blast spraying them all with mr.clean mid-air as they made their way out of my kitchen sink, it works well to, they were dropping to the ground one after another!

Steve said...

Some times you scare me sister.

Did you ever keep count of the number of slugs you and mom hunted down that one day?

KellyAnne said...

I always forget to check your blog, and it's always so fun when I do! You are hilarious. :) We've had lots of fruit flies too, and I keep my fruit on the counter too. I'm going to have to check the status of my potatoes now.
And by the way, I have a PINK Dyson!!! :)