Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Au Jus Gravy Mix

I have a black hole in my house that things are disappearing into. Sunday evening I wanted to make French dip sandwiches, but I couldn't find the au jus mix I had bought on Friday. I was so frustrated!

Tuesday morning, Marcus couldn't find his shoes. He had worn them the day before, but because he didn't put them away, they are gone. I made him wear his Sunday shoes to school yesterday. He hated it.

This morning I couldn't find my brand new, green, earphones that I had just bought to replace the hot pink ones that I had thrown away because I thought they were broken, because only the left ear was working when I used them at the gym the other day only to find out it was the machine's fault after I threw the pink ones away.

I just found the au jus mix package in the refrigerator.

Where do you think the shoes and earphone are?

I will have to give you an update if and ever I find them

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Linda Johnston said...

I think we have the same phenomenon around here. Things just keep disappearing.