Friday, December 3, 2010

Trying to Catch Up

What the Wagners did from Halloween through Thanksgiving

Travis was an Army guy and Marcus was Indiana Jones.

Nathan was a retired Navy SEAL.

I convinced Bert to wear his "Lederhosen" because some of my friends said that they would pay money to see him in short pants. He did attract a lot of attention.

Bert was not at all cold during Trunk or Treat.

Travis turned 11, and Marcus turned 7. Happy Birthday boys! They did not mind at all that they had to share a birthday cake.

Travis convinced Marcus that he really wanted Legos for his birthday.

The boys had a 6 day weekend over Thanksgiving because it snowed on Monday. They were thrilled, me, not so much.

Lucky for us, the snow cleared enough for the whole family to make it to our house for Thanksgiving.

The little kid table

Two turkeys

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