Saturday, December 13, 2008

Counting Down the Days Until Christmas

I didn't realize I had so many ways to count down the days until Christmas until I decided to photograph them. I started doing advent stuff for me, but now it is totally for the kids. They love it, me not so much anymore. Who needs to be reminded in five different ways that they are running out of time?

I know there are less than 19 more days now, but I am just getting around to posting now. I collect Santas so he was a perfect addition. Plus I think I bought him from a kid selling wrapping paper and stuff for their school. Usually the chalk is missing or broken though.

This is Travis' favorite. He is obsessed with Playmobil. I use to be very possive and controlling of this one, but over the years the boxes have ripped or disapeared, the toys have broken. I don't care anymore, let them play with it.

I bought this beauty at Costco.

Who doesn't love chocolate? Enough said, the boys take turns eating them.

I picked this idea up on my mission to Germany. Elder Uchtdorf talked about the Advent wreath last Sunday during the First Presidency's Christmas message. It isn't exactly like the real ones in Germany, but I made it with what I could find years ago. It is my favorite way to count down to Christmas. We light a candle every Sunday for four Sundays before Christmas on Christmas Day we light all four.

How do you count down the days?


Erin said...

These are really cute ways to count down to Christmas! We just have a plain ole' (and still very cute) paper chain my son made in kindergarten. Every morning, first thing, he wants to rip a chain off.

Nerell said...

I especially love the Costco countdown. Did you get that this year?

Kristina P. said...

We used to have the old chocolate advent calendar. We don't have kids, so we don't do anything now. But, I am always on the lookout for a really cool calendar.

Stacie said...

We have TWO playmobil advent calendars.

Eileen said...

Whidbey Island? I live in Poulsbo. I happened upon your blog and love to find other Northwest Mormon Mommy bloggers!

Mina said...

Since all of my christmas stuff is in storage ;P this year we made a paper chain.

I love that you have several of these all around, they are so cool. I'd like to steal your wreath photo to show my kids and nieces and nephews, if you don't mind.