Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy St. Nicholas Day

One of our favorite family traditions is St. Nicholas Day. My husband grew up in a predominantly German community and always received a small gift on St. Nicks Day. I served my mission in Germany and loved the tradition. We started doing St. Nicolas Day when Nathan was very young.

On St Nick's Eve the boys put their boot/shoes outside their bedroom door. They put carrots inside their shoes for St. Nick's horse. In the morning they find a small gift in their shoe and poop (whoppers) all over the floor. This morning at 6:00 I was awakened to the sound of packages being opened. I opened my bedroom door and saw this

I asked Travis and Marcus if they loved their new toys, they said yes, I took the above picture and went back to bed. Nathan is too mature and teenagery to wake up that early, but he enjoyed his new book when he finally woke up.

We almost blew it though. Last night after Bert scattered the poop all over the hall and stairs he threw the whopper bag in the garbage! Marcus and Travis found it in the garbage and Travis had many questions for me.

Travis- "Why was there a whopper bag in the garbage?"

Me- "What are you talking about?"

Travis- "Are you St. Nicholas?"

Me- "Of course not! Why would you ask me that?"

Travis- "We found a whopper bag in the garbage."

Me- "So? Your dad likes whoppers. Do you believe in St. Nick?"

Travis- "Yes."

Me- "Good, as long as you believe, St. Nick will come."

Travis- "Oh I believe, but why was there a whopper bag in the garbage?"

Me- "Your dad really likes whoppers!"

Now in reality, we never have whoppers in the house except during this time of the year. During our conversation I couldn't stop smiling, I was a terrible liar! I think he bought it though. Travis, bless his heart, is 9 and is still a believer. I will be writing about him and his relationship with Santa in the near future.


Kristina P. said...

What a fun tradition! My brother and I were talking about how we never really had consistent traditions growing up, and we definitely want to make some for our own families

Stacie said...

I love the innocence of children. I hope mine keep it for a while longer. Reiley has already been told by somebody in Gig Harbor that there is no Santa.

Linda said...

That is a fun tradition! My sister does something similar but it from Our Dutch heritage.

Mina said...

My sil and I are trying to put together a German traditions christmas party for our two families. This was one I LOVED!! I've been looking online. Anything else that stuck out to you while you were there?