Thursday, February 5, 2009

"My Mouth Tastes Like Ham"

I haven't blogged much about my boys lately. The last kid-themed post caused my teenagery, 13-year-old to freak out because I put a picture of his blankie on my blog. Oh the humiliation! It's not like he was even in the picture. He did read the post later and got a kick out of it.

This post is about Marcus, my five year old. I want to share a few of Marcus' blog-worthy events that have happened since Christmas. I don't think he will mind, he can't read well yet and he loves attention.


Marcus' preschool Nativity performance was canceled due to snow. I was so bummed, because I really wanted to see him play Joseph. Imagine my delight when I was told the kids would have their Christmas party in January. Of course Marcus was so cute and did a great job as Joseph. I was so proud. I also recorded his performance, but I can't get it to up/down (whatever) load onto my blog so here is a picture of him. He is in the plaid.


Marcus really likes girls. It's funny, because Nathan and Travis didn't like girls at all at the same age. When Nathan was five, he informed me that he was "through playing with girls". Marcus especially loves a little girl in his preschool class. We shall call her "K". K is the angel in the last picture.

Me- "Who do you like at school?"

Marcus "K, she has beautiful hair. She's hot."

Me-(trying to keep a straight face) "Four-year-olds aren't hot, she's cute."

Marcus- "Mom, K is five, she's hot."


Marcus- "Mom, I want to call my girlfriends on the phone."

Me- "What are you going so say to them?"

Marcus-"Nice things, I liked K's shirt today."

I told K's mom that Marcus was in love with her daughter, I didn't tell her that he thought she was hot though. I don't know what she would have thought of that.


Marcus came home from school the other day and told me that he had had lemons for snack at preschool. Really? Lemons? He kept going on and on about how good they were. Seriously? When I told him he had to take snack to school next week. He said, "Oh Mom! I want to take lemons!" Lemons?"

Last night at dinner he was talking about how good lemons were again so I asked him if he wanted one. He was so excited! I cut him a small piece of lemon and he put it in his mouth. Oh for a camera! It would have made a great you-tube video. The face he made was so funny. "I don't like lemons anymore!"


Marcus gives the most interesting prayers. For example, during the dinner prayer he will tell Heavenly Father what we are eating for dinner and then proceed to count how many chicken nuggets, beans or whatever is on his plate. Another thing he likes to pray about is the whole lesson he learned in Primary that week, or about how Travis needs to pick up his room. It is hard to not laugh during the dinner prayers.

Quote of the month-"I don't like this ham, it makes my mouth taste like ham."


Becky Jensen said...

I checked out your link to crafts gone bad, it was SO funny!!

Kristina P. said...

He sounds like such a funny kid!

Fideles Five said...

Cute! How are you guys doing? We're still in St. Louis but not for long....Casey's got orders for Florida! A bit farther from Washington, but in a closer step direction wise to get back to WA! :)
Send me an email and I'll add you to our blog list!


Erin said...

I wonder what he meant by lemons at preschool? That is too funny. And his smile in the picture is adorable!

Tara said...

Stinkin' hilarious!

Steve said...

Is Marcus's prayer as memorable as Jay's Prayer?

Sara said...

What a cutie pie!! I can't believe he's 5 already!! - and into girls!! : ) I love the Joseph pictures!!! : )!! -- Wow, time has flown by!! I can remember when he was in nursery!