Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things I Might Have Done This Month

My SIL might have had a bug land on her head during our family's 4th of July picnic. She might have asked me to get it off her head and I might have accidentally knocked it into her decolletage causing her to freak out and flash our relations while trying to get it out of her shirt.

I might have had a Cub Scout hangover two weeks ago after working at twilight camp all week and two Saturdays of Scout training.

I might have bought a doll or two.

I might be letting my kids stay up really late every night and sleep in every morning.

I might have planned on picking raspberries this morning, but went I got home from berry picking, by bowls were full of blueberries.

I might be making my kids make their own lunches every day.

I might go take a shower now.


Stacie said...

I forgot about the flashing of bug and business. Thanks for the laugh.

Riceslayer said...

Hey diantha, looks like you are keeping cool and having fun. Nice toes!! My friends and i decided to have garage sale-hummmmm lets see how that works out. Its supposed to rain-yeah the only rain all summer and on our weekend oh well. i will send you the trek link see if you can find me!! love ya riceslayer hahahahaha