Friday, July 24, 2009

Double Bluff Beach

Tuesday afternoon I took Travis and Marcus to our favorite beach on the island. Nathan was camping with friends and having his own fun. We went with my SIL, Stacie and her kids and friends.

Double Bluff is one of the best beaches I have been to on the Puget Sound. It is mostly sand, not barnacles covered rocks. The water is very shallow, the kids were able to walk out quite far and the water was only to their chests. I also like it because I can see the bottom ( I have a little phobia about natural water). When the tide comes in it makes little islands and peninsulas on the beach.

You can even see Seattle in the way distance!

This is a picture of my 3rd ever pedicure. I am so fancy! I was a good girl with the hat and sunscreen. I only got burned a little on my leg. I guess I missed a spot.

Yeah, we need to go back again before summer is over. I wonder if I will be able to find my little gardening trowels that the kids forgot in the sand and then they got covered by the tide?


Nerell said...

This is our favortite beach too!

Linda said...

I love double bluff! Maybe I will make it sometime this summer.