Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pockets, Pens and Washers

Today I had a bad experience with the three things in the title of this blog. I was almost caught up with my laundry (only three more loads to go!), when I discovered I had washed a load of jeans and my husband's flight suit with a ball-point pen. As I started pulling the jeans and pieces of the government issue pen from the washer I cursed my husband's flight suit for having way too many pockets to check, my husband for not checking his pockets, and myself for not being the last line of defense between the washer and pens.

Miraculously, I couldn't find any ink on the jeans and flight suit. I was feeling pretty lucky until I realized the inside of the pen was lost in the washing machine. I started turning the drum, and heard a scraping noise. That is when I discovered the ink filled inside of the pen was half-way stuck down one of the holes of the washing machine drum. I tried to pull it out but it was bent in half and when I tried to use pliers it broke and now I have half of the pen inside the washer.

So much for being caught up with the laundry.


Linda said...

Sorry but I laughed! I feel your pain!

Moss Family 82 said...

I just washed a pen in John's suit this week too. Those flight suits! Such a pain to have to go through 13 pockets.