Friday, April 9, 2010


Marcus lost his first upper tooth way back in February. He was so excited at the time and I was sure he would lose the other one soon after.

But he didn't.

THAT TOOTH decided to move over to the middle of his mouth and then hang crookedly ( is crookedly a real word?) . We started calling Marcus "Snaggle Tooth". He didn't like that and wanted to be called "Mo" instead.

I kept telling "Mo" to wiggle it and twist it, he refused! I even tried reverse physiology on him, that worked for only a moment.

The night before Easter we were at my brother's house for my nephew Reiley's birthday. I put a $5.00 bounty on THAT TOOTH. Many people were interested in "helping" Marcus get it out. But he went home with it still hanging in the middle of his mouth.

Easter afternoon, the bane of my existence came out while Marcus was eating Skittles. He was so excited! He showed me right away while he was chewing his bloody Skittles. I kept telling him to spit the candy out. I'm not sure he ever did, I don't really want to know. I really love Skittles right now though.

Travis is trying to claim the bounty on THAT TOOTH. He told me Marcus' tooth fell out because he "accidentally" pushed Marcus down. Marcus denied that, until Travis had a talk with him. Now he says that is what really happened. The boys need only ten more dollars to buy a video game. I think that is why they want the money so bad.

I am so happy it is out! I just wish he had lost it before class pictures (which I just found out I forgot to order).

See how much cuter he is now, even with his demented smile.


Suzanne said...

That is too funny! You're much more patient than I am! I have a tooth pulling fetish...I've actually had friends bring me their kids. I pinned Emma down one time to pull a tooth and from the sounds of her screams I had definately crossed a line! I had to reconsider my obsession and the trauma it had on my patients! Just looking at his picture made me get the shakes and want to yank it! :)

Diane said...

Suzanne, if you lived near me you could have made $5.00! I would have totally brought him over to your house for your services.

Sara said...

Diane you are so funny!! It's great catching up on your fam! -And I don't think Marcus could EVER have a demented smile!! : ) He's such a cutie pie!!