Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bad Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny at the Wagner house was feeling fat and lazy this Easter. She bought some candy for the boys and filled the plastic eggs after taking her cut of the chocolate. She was not inspired about what gift to give each boy though. She finally decided to buy each of them a small box of Legos. This was probably the one and only year that all the boys would be into Legos since there is an 8 year age difference between Nathan and Marcus.

When she got to Walmart, she wasn't sure which Legos the boys already had. She guessed and chose three different boxes, and hoped for the best. She also wasn't sure which Legos to give each boy. Saturday night she filled their baskets with paper grass, (she cares about the environment), a little bit of candy, and the Legos.

Easter morning at 6:00 the boys woke me up all excited. "Mom! the Easter Bunny came!" said 9 year-old Travis, who also still believes in Santa. I went downstairs to see their baskets.

"Who's basket is who's?" asked Nathan eyeballing one of the Star Wars Lego sets.

"I don't know!" I answered, "You figure it out."

Nathan and Travis got the Star Wars Legos and Marcus got a Power Miners Legos set that he already had.

Bad Easter Bunny!


Kristina P. said...

I think that's an awesome Easter Bunny!

Linda said...

I think the Easter bunny did great. My kids only got candy for the bunny this year!

Erin said...

"You figure it out."


Mina said...

Well, that's often how it is. My kids can't understand why I don't remember ever detail of every toy they own, every commercial that's piqued their interest and every favorite color du jour. There's four of them! I'd need a notebook to keep it all straight. You're doing just fine!

Sara said...

What ever!! The Easter Bunny did awesome!! My kids don't even know there is such a being as the Easter Bunny who leaves baskets and stuff. They just got a bunny and we had a little egg hunt and that was it. You did AWESOME!!! : ) And you're not fat OR lazy!! You're the best!!! : ) ---And quite clever and smart, I might add!! I like the "I don't know you figure it out" stuff. : ) NICE!!

Sara said...

P.S. I love your banner picture!! Your boys are getting so big!!