Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Have Now Seen Everything!

It's Spring Break this week. We have been lazy, sloths all week. Staying up late and sleeping-in in the morning, except for my husband. The weather has been very cold, and wet, and yucky. My boys are gorging themselves on video games and TV while I play with my dolls. I am such a good mom.

Last night the boys were all in bed, or so I thought, and I was messing around on the computer. Nathan came downstairs and said. "Mom, Travis is sleeping on the table."

I went into our dining room to check it out, then I did as every good mother would do- I got my camera.

We asked Travis why he was sleeping on the table, and he said, "I was bored."

Now I have seen everything. I would have left him there, but I was afraid he might fall off the table.


Kristina P. said...

So that's where you've been! Having fun. :)

Nerell said...

Too funny!

Tara said...

snicker snicker, giggle giggle

Sara said...

Nice. : ) --I've never seen anyone fall asleep on the table!! I love those pictures!! : ) --And just FYI you're one of the funniest girls I know!! : ) I love to read your blog!!

Suzanne said...

Funny!! Maybe we should try that! We didn't even get a spring break...they're calling Easter our spring break. The weather has been nasty here too. Thank goodness for tv and video games!

Mina said...

That'll make a good "what I did over spring break" essay. Sounds like how we spent ours, though. Minus the table naps.