Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't You Hate It When..........?

The other morning I was taking a shower and I realized I have way more shampoo that conditioner. That means I will have to go and buy conditioner before I need to buy shampoo. I like my things to run out at the same time. I use to have this problem when I used Mary Kay too. It started me thinking about some things that I love to hate.

Don't you hate it when.....

Your fingernail bends backwards? (I just got the heeby jeebies writing about it!)

You have all the laundry neatly folded on top of the washing machine (I hate to put clothes away) and your son pulls one thing out of the middle of his pile of neatly folded clothes and everything falls over?

You mop the floor, and someone spills something sticky on it?

Your son leaves a whole carton of ice cream out?

When someone in the family leaves the bread bag open and the bread dries up?

You find neatly folded clothes in the laundry chute?

Your youngest son is showing you how strong he is by lifting a whole gallon of milk over his head and you tell him to be careful and he drops the whole gallon of milk on the stairs and the plastic breaks and spills on the carpeted stairs and even though you clean it up it still smells like sour milk the next day?

You fill a super, expensive prescription for your son, and then he has a reaction to it?

You donate a few dollars to a charity and the next thing you know, everyone and their dog is calling you for money?

Your weight and credit card balance never go down?

Yellow jackets start building a nest in your kid's playhouse?

Your car needs repair?

Your kids have diarrhea and you have to tell your youngest he can't play T-ball tonight, and the diarrhea song keeps running through your mind. "When you're sliding into third, and you feel a......"?

You can't find what you are looking for?

That was fun! What do you love to hate?


Kristina P. said...

I hate it when the delicious soup I just got for lunch, is so spicy I can barely eat it!

Erin said...

Thanks for reminding me about that song. I'm going to be singing it the rest of the day.

And I run out of shampoo first. We should get together and even them out.

I hate it when my kids want to play a computer game, and I'm busy blogging!

Linda said...

Diane again you made me laugh!! Great post!

Suzanne said...

I hate it when I do wash the towels, dry them outside, and then my 7 year old showers with the curtain open and soaks the floor! My 14 year old commences to use 2 freshly clean towels to wipe it up!

Sara said...

!!! You are so AWESOME!!! How do you think of all this stuff!!?? Wait never mind!! I hate those kind of things too!! : ) --You're so awesome!!