Saturday, January 17, 2009

Following Up on My New Year's Resolutions

A few weeks ago I posted my resolutions for 2009. I am happy to tell you that I have been doing a pretty good job at them. I still haven't taken up smoking or eating dark chocolate. I'm working on my work-out routine and we have been having Family Home Evening. I am very proud of this.

But, there is one thing I am failing at. I forget to put lipstick on before I go out a lot! Sometimes I go out without any makeup! Help! How can I make this resolution a reality?


Kristina P. said...

Maybe stick it right by your purse? I am a lipstick addict. If I don't wear makeup, which happens on the weekends a lot, I at least have to have lip gloss on.

Stacie said...

Put a full length mirror on the front door!

Suzanne said...

You can get the "color stay" stuff that NEVER comes off....put it on before bed (another plus:) and you're ready in the morning!! :) Ha! Ha! Or just put it on after you brush in the morning! I wear that stuff...and it will NOT come off! I look silly working out in the morning with 'raspberry frost' on!

Mina said...

OK, forget the comment I left on you other blog. I must have clicked on the wrong thing. Now I feel better, because now I know where I am. I really was thrown off. I'm so lame.

I have trouble not putting on lipstick, even if I'm going nowhere. It's like part of brushing my teeth. I have no color to my lips, and I sometimes over-compensate.

Anyway, FHE is more important than lip-stick, so good work.