Sunday, January 25, 2009


Alternative Title "The Thieving, Pickpocketing Goat Who Tried to Eat My Batteries."

This happened a whole year ago, but I wasn't a blogger then, so amuse me. I have been wanting to write about this memorable experience for a while, but I keep getting sidetracked blogging about really important things like light bulbs and blankies named "Booger".

This is Lucas, he lives in the petting area at Disney World's Animal Kingdom. We were enjoying a wonderful 7-day vacation at Disney World. During our first day at the Animal Kingdom, we took a train out to the area where Lucas lives. The boys enjoyed feeding and brushing the animals, while I took pictures like a good mom. My stupid camera at that time drained rechargeable AA batteries faster than anything, so of course they died. I sat down on a bench and changed them. The dead batteries were put into a Ziploc bag and then into my cute, little, black, leather backpack. While I was sitting there, a nice looking goat came up to me. I started petting him and talking to him, he was so friendly.

Before I could react, he had his head in my backpack. I started yelling at him and trying to push his head out. He removed his head with the first thing he got his mouth on, my dead batteries. Then he took off running while chewing my batteries. "Oh no!" I yelled, "Help! That goat is eating my batteries!" A couple of workers tried to catch him, but he was too fast. I was explaining what he was eating and how he got it in his mouth. One worker told me, "That's why we tell people to keep their bags closed."

I felt so bad! I had just killed a possible one-of-a-kind-rare-African-Asian-South American goat. He was going to die a horrible, battery acid eating away his stomach death because I had been so careless. My vacation was ruined!

After a while, Lucas spit out my bag-o-batteries and a worker grabbed them. They took them to a lab and decided that the batteries were intact and everything would be OK. Another worker told me it wasn't my fault and that Lucas had a history of pick-pocketing thievery. I walked around the petting area looking for warning signs to keep your bags closed, and there weren't any! I didn't feel so bad after that. I took a picture of naughty Lucas and we left the area. I'm glad he didn't get my wallet, tampons or camera.

We didn't go back there on our second day to the Animal Kingdom and no, I didn't get my batteries back! So if you ever go there, keep your bags closed.


Kristina P. said...

Wow! What a story! Glad he didn't die. :)

Chivaun-o-rama said... I'm gonna have dreams of a pick pocketing thieving rare african goat. LOL!! ;->

Linda said...

I knew that story but I still laughed. Thanks for starting off my morning well.

Erin said...

That goat needs to learn that batteries aren't what he should be pick-pocketing out of people's bags!

Funny story!

Lexi said...

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