Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Rant, Two Raves, and Major Skepticism

First my rant, These bulbs suck are not very good.

I heard they save energy and everything, but have you ever tried sewing under them? Do they want me to go blind?

They also give me headaches, and have mercury in them. So don't break them!

I will say one nice thing about them. They last a lot longer than regular bulbs. So that's cool, because I hate changing light bulbs. I do have them in my halls, but not in my craft corner.

Now for my two raves.

1. have you tried this cereal? Yum, I don't like it as cereal with milk, but with vanilla ice cream, and my runny freezer raspberry jam it is so good. It's like the topping on an apple crisp. It's even good just out of the box.

2. Thank you Sister Hall! She is the best Primary teacher ever. After church on Sunday, Marcus ran up to me all excited, "Mom, Mom, you're the boss! That means I need to obey you!" He showed me is paper from Primary with commandments on it. It worked all day Sunday. When he started getting sassy, I reminded him that I was the boss and he obeyed me. Yesterday, not so much. Oh well.

OK, here is my major skepticism.

Cash 4 Gold. Have you ever seen this commercial? Really, are you going to put your gold in an envelope, mail it, and expect a check? Has anyone ever done this? Seriously? Am I being too skeptical? It's a good thing I don't have any extra gold lying around my house, or I might be tempted.

OK, no more stalling Diane, it is time to get back to cleaning the house and getting ready for Cub Scouts.


Kristina P. said...

You saw my rave about the Snuggie! (stupid Snuggie)

Erin said...

Those Just Bunches look a little weird to eat with milk, but YUMMY on ice cream! Thanks for the idea!

Mina said...

I'm glad my moment of idiocy gave you some entertainment at the very least!

I am also wondering about that gold thing. I remarked to my husband the other night that I doubt most people have enough gold laying around to get them more than 5 bucks. I bet it would take tons of jewelry to amount to anything significant.

Linda said...

I don't like those light bulbs either!

Stacie said...

I don't like the light bulbs for asthetic purposes alone. UGLY and they ain't got no alibi.

Orange Peanut said...

Can Sister Hall be my kid's primary teacher too?

The Boob Nazi said...

I TOTALLY wonder about the gold thing. You can do the same thing at a consignment store or something and not be worried they wouldn't send anything back to you!

Oh but in response to Mina, I had a gold bracelet, a necklace, some ugly necklaces, and I got sixty bucks! It really wasn't that much. It was wonderful.

Suzanne said...

I hate those light bulbs too! I have them in my kitchen and I feel like I'm in some 70's flashback with poor lighting! Can't wait to try the cereal! I too have runny raspberry freezer jam--who knew?!