Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"You Have a Good Sense of Humor For a Mormon."

I felt like posting something tonight, and since it's now boring January and it is pouring rain outside, and there is nothing super exciting to blog about right now, I decided to write about some things that happened long before I discovered blogging.

Years ago when I lived in Port Orchard I went to the dentist. Isn't that exciting? I was yacking it up, being my witty self, with the dental hygienist while she was getting ready to clean my teeth. Somehow it came up that I was LDS. After she had her hands in my mouth, she states, "You have a good sense of humor for a Mormon."

"Thank you." I mumble around her hands. I really couldn't say more, but then I started thinking, "Hey! What's that suppose to mean? Mormons are very funny!"

I haven't laughed so hard since I started reading "Mormon Mommy Blogs". You all are hilarious.

I still need to write about how I almost killed a goat a Disney World. I think that will be a funny story.


Kristina P. said...

Yeah, I think people think we're Amish and cut off from the world or something. Not that Amish people don't have great senses of humor. I'm sure that they do.

I probably don't need to worry about anyone Amish reading this, do I?

Mina said...

Yes, goat-killing always makes good material, and no, the Amish don't blog.

You should have gotten her a John Bythway tape or something. I think Mormons are about as funny as any other population. Even President Monson is funny is his own corny kind of way. I'm Mormon. And I'm hilarious ;-)

Mina said...

Bytheway. I hate when my brain gets ahead of my fingers.


Great post!

Stacie said...

I think you are VERY funny for a mormon.