Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ten Things About Me

I am working on a list of 100 things about me, but I know nobody would want to read my 100 super interesting things all at once and since I haven't finished my list I thought I would start with 10.

1. I have a large collection of Charles Wysocki puzzles.

2. I think any movie with ABBA music in it must be a great film.

3. I love making lists.

4. My husband and I were set up by my best friend.

5. I have three blue and white graduation tassels from the high school, college, and university I graduated from.

6. I am a terrible speller.

7. I'm a fabric whore.

8. I still play with dolls.

9. I like to watch old movies just to see the costumes.

10. I like to eat the same thing for breakfast every morning.

Am I interesting or what?


Mina said...

Great list. I love making lists, too. Just making one makes me feel more productive than I am.

And I love fabric. I horde it. Before we moved, I had my mom come help me and we cut down my fabric collection by about 2/3rds. It was painful but liberating. I also collect yarn. We didn't sort through that, though.

I can't wait to see more.

Suzanne said...

Diane you are SO FUNNY! You have a great sense of humor for a Mormon!! LOL!!!:) But seriously...your blog makes me laugh! You're so witty! I'm so glad Kristin introduced us!

Kristina P. said...

First, I am so glad you didn't do the 100 things. I can't read them all!

And second, I love that you still have your graduation tassels. I think mine are in a garbage dump somewhere.

Stacie said...

Ummm...I like to make lists too. What a great blog idea. I am going to steal it.

Erin said...

I don't know who Charles Wysocki is.

And that's really cool that you play with dolls. I play with trains and plastic tools these days.

Orange Peanut said...

I'm a fabric whore tooo! I also second your ABBA music comment! Hope all is well up in the rainy Northwest!