Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kid Quotes

Cuddling With Marcus

Me: "Please stop wiggling!"
Marcus: "I have to pull my pant sleeves down!"

Travis Sharing His Feelings About His Class

"I like everyone in my class, oh wait, except for one kid. Yeah I like everyone else, wait two kids, yeah two, no wait, three, four, five. OK, I like everyone except for 5 people."

13 Year Olds Are Very Curious

Nathan: "What does ____________ mean?" (hot flashes, erectile dysfunction, communism, etc.) He wants to know everything!

1 comment:

Mina said...

I feel the same way as Travis about everyone I've met. Except that I have a lot more exceptions than 5! That's great.

In the spring I posted about my 6 yr old son asking what "flex" was. Think about it, you'll get it.