Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Testy Tuesday

I've seen "Wordless Wednesday", and "Thankful Thursday", but I want to complain about a couple of things. That is why I am calling this post "Testy Tuesday".

First Complaint

What's the big deal Diane, you ask. It's a big deal because every single paper towel tore off like that! I even tried tearing it from the other end and it ripped the opposite way. I'm so annoyed and can't wait until I use up this role. I will use it up though, because I don't want to waste.

Second Complaint

I am getting way to many emails. About a month ago, I was trying to find online grocery coupons. I ended up on a site that gave me no coupons but now I get tons of emails everyday from all sorts of companies that I have no interest in. I am not interested in finding an online date, having someone from Liberia send me millions of dollars if I send them money first, changing my car insurance, winning a laptop, or receiving emails from Obama. The emails are now impossible to get rid of and they are reproducing. All this because I wanted some Cheerios coupons!


Mina said...

Do any of the emails have "unsubscribe" options at the bottom? Most vendors do. You may want to give that a try. I have no good answer for the paper towels. Maybe someone will make a big spill, and then you can use up lots in one shot.

Della Hill said...

Solution #1: Get a ShamWoW. Then you never have to buy paper towels again.
(I don't know if they're really that good, but the commercials say they are. You could probably enroll in an e-mail newsletter that talks about them).
Solution #2:
If the unsubscribe buttons that Mina suggested don't work, you can just get a new e-mail address. E-mail everyone on your contact list your new e-mail and drop the old one.
I have had to do that at least once before.
Good luck anyway, and thanks for stopping by my blog.
If you have any cub scout ideas (like how to make them sit down and shut up, not burp during the pledge, stay in their seats, and stop talking about their butts), I would love to hear them.

Linda said...

Have I told you before that you are hilarious! Hope Tuesday starts being better for you!

Kristina P. said...

Love Testy Tuesday! Bravo.