Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tag, I'm it

I just got tagged for the first time ever. So I am going to tag some of my OH mommy blogging friends. If you hate being tagged, so sorry.

A-Attached or Single: Attached. But I do have a crush on Ioan Gruffudd and Shepard Smith

B--Best Friend(s): Marla, she is the reason I'm attached. Linda is my OH best friend, Stacie is my favorite SIL

C--Cake or Pie: Pie, but not chicken pot pies, yuck

D--Day of Choice: Friday

E--Essential Item: Toothbrush

G--Greatest Accomplishment: My Boys

H--Hometown: Gig Harbor, WA

I--Indulgences: Hot Lunches For My Boys

J--January or July: July

K--Kids: 3 boys call me "Darth Mom"

L--Life is Incomplete Without: My Family

M--Marriage Date: May 14, 1994

N--Number of Siblings: 3 younger brothers, 2 brother-in-laws and 3 (soon to be 4) sisters-in-laws

O--Oranges or Apples: Grapefruit

P-Phobias: Monsters under my bed, Bees, and Losing my family

Q--Quotes: "I studied to be a teacher, but then I realized I don't like children enough to spend all day in a classroom with 25 of them."

R--Reason to Smile: My heater works!

S--Season: Spring, I love tulips and daffodils

T--Tag 5 Friends: Linda, Stacie, Nerell, Becky, and Carol

U--Unknown Facts About Me: A man named Igor once asked me to marry him for a green card, but I couldn't marry someone named Igor, so I married a Bertram

V--Very Favorite Store(s): Any fabric store besides JoAnn's

W--Worst Habit: There are too many to list

X--X-ray or Ultra Sound: I've had both

Y--Your Favorite Food: Carbohydrates

Z--Zodiac Sign: Virgo


Dana said...

Hey girl! It was good seeing you out and about last night. How did you like the movie? I'll talk to you later. Cool blog but the way! I added you to my friends list.

Kristina P. said...

Hey, I have another reader from Gig Harbor! Seems like a lovely place.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Hey I am new here! Great blog :) ♥ Hugs!

Mina said...

thanks for doing the tag! I love answering either or questions with a third option. Yeah for grapefruit.

Steve said...

What happened to 'F'?